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    Every morning, every day at home or at the trailhead, this is how we do it.
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    • Mexico Cafe Femenino

      We have waited YEARS for this Cafe Femenino Mexico from Chiapas to return. Crops suffered due to leaf rust but now they're back and the quality is remarkable. It leads with a decadent chocolate fudge note that's just a brilliant way to start the day. You will also experience notes of cinnimon and almond in this washed coffee. It's a pretty coffee coming out of the roaster with very even sized beans and quite consistent color. We are proud of these farmers for rebounding and bringing such a nice coffee to market for all of us to enjoy.

    • Columbia Cafe Femenino

      A Cafe Femenino organically grown coffee. We're delighted to experience a strong tangerine note balancing out a robust chocolate background.

    • French Roast

      A dark and smokey classic french roast — good for gloomy days, and those who love dark roasts.

    • Guatemala Treeline Roast

      An earthy balanced roast of hazelnut and cacao — a campfire's best friend.

    • Provision All Brew Method

      A new blend for Trailhead. Through rigorous and endless testing, we've come up with a blend that crushes it as espresso while also making a magnificant brewed cup. Blackberry, orange blossom, nectarine, blackberry, honeydew... are all words from the cupping table as the coffee cooled. This is Trailhead's next level of play.

    • Sumatra

      A natural process sumatra that's both fruity and earthy. It's unusual in our experience to have the fruitiness be the dominant flavor from this region. We really like this and when a Sumatra is required, this one delivers.

    • Sunbreak Morning Blend

      A balanced blend of chocolate, cinnamon and hazelnuts & a reliable staple.

    • Honduras - Catuai Finca Itzayana

      This washed coffee when roasted to our light-medium level brings out notes of sugarcane, lemon and milk chocolate.