• Fruity

  • Smoky

  • Earthy

  • Chocolate

  • Caramel

  • Nutty

  • Citrus

  • Berry

  • Seasonal — Brazil Mantiqueira De Minas

    Our first truly direct trade coffee. From a 100 year family farm in the Mantiqueira de Minas region of Brazil. This high altitude coffee is dry processed, meaning the fruit is left on the coffee, impacting the flavor and body in the cup.

  • Seasonal — Malawi 0 Mzuzu Cooperative AAA

    This washed coffee has notes of stone fruit, citrus and is an overall sweet cup with lots of body. We are really enjoying this seasonal. Just below Tanzinia, Malawi Mzuza region is set in the mountains along a massive lake. Varietals in the cup include Catomor, Geisha, Agano and Nyika. The Mzuzu coop is doing good work to strengthen their coffee community.

  • Special edition seasonal — Tawo Mok Yirgacheffe

    This is an amazing coffee. We're working with an importer who also produces very rare and expensive coffees. Think $250 bottle of wine caliber of coffee. What they've done here is taken a nice specialty grade lovely coffee and applied drying and processing techniques developed for their rare coffees. The results are a coffee beyond expectations at a cost that's not crazy.

  • Provisions All Brew Method

    A new blend for Trailhead. Through rigorous and endless testing, we've come up with a blend that crushes it as espresso while also making a magnificant brewed cup. Blackberry, orange blossom, nectarine, blackberry, honeydew... are all words from the cupping table as the coffee cooled. This is Trailhead's next level of play.

  • Sunbreak Morning Blend

    A balanced blend of chocolate, cinnamon and hazelnuts — a reliable staple.

  • French Roast Peru

    A dark and smokey classic french roast — good for gloomy days, and those who love dark roasts.

  • Guatemala Treeline Roast

    An earthy balanced roast of hazelnut and cacao — a campfire's best friend.

  • Espresso Climbers Blend

    A top secret blend that is bound to blow your freakin' mind — haters beware!

  • Decaf Moonlight Roast

    An Extraordinarily smokey, smooth and rich — great with desert.


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