• Fruity

  • Smoky

  • Earthy

  • Chocolate

  • Caramel

  • Nutty

  • Citrus

  • Berry

  • Seasonal — El Salvador

    Five different people said five different things on this coffee. There was one convergence of agreement: Hazelnuts. The rest is up to you. Balanced with excellent body.

  • Seasonal — Nicaragua

    A peppery chocolatey coffee that fits flawlessly into the rainy season in Portland.

  • Rare special edition micro-lot — Nekisse

    This mixes a blueberry bomb with dark chocolate. It's a rare and expensive coffee, only available at our cafe for a short time. It's a coffee to buy once to know what's it about.

  • Sunbreak Morning Blend

    A balanced blend of chocolate, cinnamon and hazelnuts — a reliable staple.

  • French Roast Peru

    A dark and smokey classic french roast — good for gloomy days, and those who love dark roasts.

  • Guatemala Treeline Roast

    An earthy balanced roast of hazelnut and cacao — a campfire's best friend.

  • Espresso Climbers Blend

    A top secret blend that is bound to blow your freakin' mind — haters beware!

  • Decaf Moonlight Roast

    An Extraordinarily smokey, smooth and rich — great with desert.


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